The future of design is seamlessly integrating a respect for the past with an optimistic view toward the future.


Bilhuber and Associates

JEFFREY BILHUBER has a uniquely American perspective that breathes new life into tradition with a confirmed understanding of modern sensibilities. He mixes periods and design ideas with a confidence and instinctive style whose rules are self-evident: practicality and sheer beauty.

Hamish Bowles of Vogue likens him to a 21st century Billy Baldwin. Sara Ruffin Costello of the Wall Street Journal exclaims, “With his latest book, Jeffrey Bilhuber has sealed his legacy as a design pioneer on par with phenoms like Albert Hadley.” Bilhuber’s unlikely combinations of plain with fancy and new with old make for dwellings as fascinating as they are functional.

He is the author of four highly acclaimed books published by Rizzoli. His first book, Jeffrey Bilhuber’s Design Basics, with a Foreword by Anna Wintour, Rizzoli 2003, is now in its sixth printing. Its follow-up, Defining Luxury: The Qualities of Life at Home, continues a tradition of reaching his broad and diverse market, articulating the mood of a nation, and forecasting the essential goals of the many or few. In this third book, The Way Home: Reflections of American Beauty, Bilhuber shares his reflections of personal histories and family life, not grand gestures of presentation. In other words, decorating with soul. His latest title, American Master: Notes on Style and Substance with a Foreword written by Bilhuber’s client Mariska Hargitay, represents his curated point of view on design.

Bilhuber has been published in more than two hundred design books and featured in every major national and international shelter publication. Bilhuber advances the grand tradition of a decorator as an insightful chronicler of our journey as a people, as well the individual, on our path towards home.

2016 will bear witness to the growth of his brand with the launch of diverse product and licensing collaborations. Heritage Home Group will roll out a signature collection of products to include upholstered furniture, casegoods, decorative lighting, and accessories. In October of this year, Elson & Company will launch a collection of flat weave dhurries and Tibetan carpets that align with the singular American perspective of Jeffrey Bilhuber.

One of a handful of preeminent American decorators, Jeffrey Bilhuber takes his design cues from understanding the importance of history while optimistically looking towards the future. With almost thirty years of decorating experience, he brings an acclaimed confidence and clarity to his far-reaching projects. His interiors consistently address the needs of an evolving and enlightened society with historic respect and modern insightfulness. Bilhuber represents the quintessential New York based interior designer. Engaged by both the past and present, his work is honest, urbane, edited, intuitive, brisk, stylish and modern, with a strong individual point of view.






Many of Bilhuber’s clients are themselves legendary style setters: Iman and David Bowie, Golden Globe winner Mariska Hargitay, Elsa Peretti, Bob Pittman, and Anna Wintour, to name a few.




  • Andrew Drexel Allen
  • Shelby & Carol Bonnie
  • Iman & David Bowie
  • Sabrina & Mark Carhart
  • Bob Colacello
  • Conde Nast Publications 
  • Hubert de Givenchy
  • Ariel Sands Resort for Michael Douglas
  • Noelle & Robin Doumar
  • Karin & Charles Goldstuck
  • Sandy Golinkin
  • Jessica & Drew Guff
  • Mary Beth & Chris Harvey
  • Jane Rosenthal & Craig Hatkoff
  • Mariska Hargitay & Peter Hermann
  • Ashton Hawkins 
  • Jeff Klein/JK Hotel Group
  • Peter Jennings
  • Erica & Jeff Keswin
  • Jenny & Trey Laird
  • Hampton & Kevin Luzak 
  • Victoria & Toby Maitland-Hudson
  • Ashley & Jeff McDermott
  • Brooke & Chris Ooten
  • Elsa Peretti
  • Veronique & Robert W. Pittman
  • Kathleen & JB Reilly
  • Lee & Stuart Rolfe
  • Tami Goven & Paul Stoneham
  • Kristen & Michael Swenson 
  • Carrie & Russell Wallack 
  • Cynthia & Diego Winegardner
  • Anna Wintour
  • Vogue
  • 70 Park Avenue Hotel
  • City Club Hotel

“The definition of inspire is ‘to fill with the urge or ability to do or feel something, especially to do something creative.’ There you have it: Jeffrey Bilhuber inspires me. I watch him make his magic, and I want to do the same. Those are always my favorite people, the ones who are so alive in the practice of their art that I want to jump in and join the fun.” – Mariska Hargitay


“Bilhuber is the quintessential New York decorator in that his work combines wit, erudition, and showmanship.” – Ingrid Abramovitch, Elle Décor


“The best Asian antiquities and the finest contemporary modern furniture were to coexist in harmony.” – Susan Sheehan, Architectural Digest


“Jeffrey Bilhuber can make decorative details speak eloquently of time, place, and personality.” – Judith Nasatir, Veranda


“Bilhuber took the Baroness’s fantastical notion of sleeping in an Asian garden and then blasted it into the stratosphere.” – Mitchell Owens, Elle Décor


“Bilhuber works in a polished American style that makes traditionalism look like the next great trend.” – Sarah Medford, Town and Country


“The whole decorating thing has been demystified for me. There was no pressure, no surprise. Jeffrey laid out the project like a smorgasbord, saying, ‘Here is the general scheme,’ then left it up to us to say yes or no to the specific.” – Isabel Von Fluegge


“The old and the new seem to be carrying on a spirited and sympathetic conversation.” – Amanda Vaill, Town & Country 


“I’d always dreamed of a white bedroom, but instead Bilhuber painted the ceiling sky blue. The blue makes the room seem so much whiter.” – Veronique Pittman


“Jeffrey designed the house so the owners and their family don’t have to leave the property, and they rarely do.” – Vicky Lowry, Elle Décor 


“I interviewed a lot of decorators, but I just liked Jeffrey’s personality and that his style is so flexible.” – Anna Wintour


“No matter how stressful the week has been, as soon as we walk through the front door we take a deep breath, and suddenly all is peaceful calm.” – Barry Schwartz


“With his latest book, ‘The Way Home,’ Jeffrey Bilhuber seals his legacy as a design pioneer on par with phenoms like Albert Hadley who show everybody else how it’s done.” – Sara Ruffin Costello


“Good decorators know how to assert their vision, but great ones know how to assert their clients.” – Gerrie Bremmerman